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  • Their motto has always been Small adjustments, Big changes and that has never been truer as Catalyst Chiropractic and Catalyst Rehab merge together to form Lincolns only outpatient chiropractic and physical therapy office.
  • Catalyst Chiropractic was conceived on the idea that small adjustments could make big changes in peoples lives and allow them to live a healthier life. It was founded in April of 2018 with Dr. John Huffman providing chiropractic care to his patients. His wife Olivia, a doctor of physical therapy would often discuss with him on how her patients would benefit from an adjustment and he also, conversely expressing how many of his patients could see long lasting improvements if only taught how to better carry and move themselves.
  • In their desire to present their patients with the best and most comprehensive carethey sought out a program that would combine both the benefits of mobilization and strength in one cohesive program. After researching they found the CPEP (Certified Posture Exercise Professional) program and began studying. This program turned out to be a great marriage of chiropractic and physical therapy (you can giggle). Catalyst Rehab was soon founded in August 2020.
  • Now, not only could they treat their patients with individual skill sets that provide healing and wellness, they became a team that can provide more comprehensive care in one convenient location.
  • Catalyst Chiropractic and Rehab can give you the results that you deserve by helping you make those small adjustments and give you big changes.